2018, a year looking back

More than anything else, it has been a year of growth.

January: Attempted the GMAT without truly dedicating my heart into it. All I wanted to do was read articles that made me feel good about myself, and enjoy life.

February: Demo Day and My birthday. The first time since middle school probably that I actually had friends that could celebrate my birthday with me, even though I wasn’t close to most of them.

March/April: Interviewed and was accepted to my dream internship in venture capital.

May-July end: Bay Area. Anxiety/Self-Doubt/Inferior complex continued to plague my everyday.

August: School starts. It alright, though busy, but already better than last semester.

September: Picking up pace. I re-consider therapy because I’m starting to fall off track, and it is the right decision.

Oct-Nov: Interviews. Failing Midterms. Failing DFA. Consistently taking L’s and not being able to give in my all in many things. Escape, though, made me really happy, especially that I finally found a co-ed “squad” I felt comfortable enough to have fun with. Made me realize that it is important to prioritize.

Nov end: Thanksgiving was when I realized wow, I love my friends. Also I learned how to study properly.

Dec: Applied what I learned and actually studied. Felt good about it though it was kind of too late to save my grades. Still carrying my anxieties, I head over to Panama for Global Brigades and it is definitely a good experience. Which brings me to now – Beijing, Taiwan, and Japan in the upcoming two weeks left before spring semester starts.

More than anything else, never discount the power of one small moment to change your life. One second, one week, for life is built up by the small moments and the everyday, and the small moments bleed into years and before you know it your life will pass by your eyes. You can procrastinate the small stuff but you cannot procrastinate the big stuff. If there is something you want to do, you just have to put yourself out there and go do it.


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