why I’m starting a tech blog

I’m into tech and venture capital, but if I’m not put into an environment where I’m forced to listen to new ideas and source startups everyday, I will easily forget to do it.

But don’t get me wrong.

Forced is not used in a negative sense here. I love tech, and I really do want to get to know the startup scene at USC and LA, but if I don’t set a goal for myself, I’ll just not do it.

As a student, there are easily a million other things I could be doing.

Sleeping, for one. Studying. Partying. Participating in the 500 student orgs on campus, rushing for a sorority/fraternity, taking an on-campus job, doing a spring internship etc.

But today, as I was walking on campus, I realized something.

It was the Viterbi (Engineering) Career Fair today and a bunch of notable companies – Google, Visa, Oath set up booths while lines of students waiting to speak to these recruiters stretched across the sidewalk – long and winded.

There were so many people. There are so many qualified people competing for the same jobs with pretty similar resumes – what even sets someone apart?

A research position? A patent filed? A first place in a hackathon?

It’s so hard to determine, really.

My entrepreneurship professor told us a story recently.

Out of college, he needed a job, but he didn’t know how to get one. So he went to different companies and asked to speak to the CEO. Expectedly, the reply he often received was that the CEO was busy. However, one time it was different.

He had been sitting in the lobby for hours and late at night, as the CEO was leaving to go home, he saw my professor and said, “You’ve been waiting here this whole time? Come on up.”

In the office, the CEO pointed at a stack of paper and asked, “You see that stack of resumes over there? Well, I didn’t even look at any of them and I’m going to hire you instead, because you’re here.”

And that’s when I realized people can tell if you’re genuinely interested in something.

Actions speak louder than words. My professor went the extra length to show that he really wanted the job.

With internships, just applying online and tossing a resume in a sea of thousands is easy – anyone can spend just a few minutes writing a cover letter.

But if you really want to show your true interest, you need to go above and beyond and in a sense, prove to others and yourself, that you really do love what you claim to love.

That’s why I’m starting this tech blog.

It will “force” me to stay accountable, to spend more time pushing myself to learn and accumulate knowledge about what I love instead of all the other easy distractions I can default to like social media/Youtube/Netflix.

So here it goes. Tech + art. Things I’m interested in. A snippet of my mind, my world, through a medium I am most comfortable in – writing.



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